lördag 25 juli 2009


Que the fucking pasa? Sitting in Stefs amaaaazing flat. I love this apartment so much I could cry. It is very arty with high cealings and gaaah the outdoor bit is like this little jungle. We are now heading to a house party. Never been to one in Barca before, so shall be interesting. Theeeen, tomorrow, Sam arrives.

Better not be hungover, but this red wine tastes pretty damn good... And oh, so did our food. Love the sea food in this city. It is not like the one you get in Tescos, let us put it that way!


I've been to Spanish hairdressers twice in my life. On both occasions I've ended up in tears.

Actually, it's been the same problem in England. What is it with hairdressers these days trying to make your hair look so FLAT and thin!? My hair is thick, and I like it like that. But appearently thick hair is a big no-no. This always happens. I go there and they cut it, and it looks fine, then, just when you think it it's all done they take a knife out and before you know it half of your hair is gone!!!


tisdag 21 juli 2009

Oh! Again!

Blargh. I am ill. In a weird way. As in sudden tiredness so strong that I have to fall asleep straight away, or else my head starts hurting. But I will wait it out a bit, until eight at least so that I can have a good night's sleep.

In the meantime, I suppose I could blog. It's a warm day here in Barcelona, just like most days. The sky is clear from clouds and as we are heading towards August it is getting hotter by every second. I'm spending most afternoons on the beach, or in one of the parks among guitarplayers, circus artists and reaggeboys. Last weekend was messy and it's ALMOST like I wonder if alcohol can be the reason for me feeling shit, three days after standing in Teraza night club, dancing like a maniac. But no, no one can have a hangover for that long, not even me.

Sam is coming here on Sunday. Saying I'm excited just isn't enough. It's been over a month since he drove me to the airport, since he hugged me goodbye saying everything would be alright. I was so nervous about coming here. Today it makes me giggle thinking about it. Life here is very simple, tranquil, easy and welcoming. I know I will miss it once I'm back home.

However, I've decided to leave Barcelona three weeks earlier than planned as I've realised I need to see my family this summer. I can't let a whole year run pass without being home, I simply can't. In addition I don't really have enough money to stay. Also, I've booked another work placement. This time at a newspaper in Sweden. I need to get as much experience as possible before graduating next year. I'm terrified not to get a job. Like, really terrified. Times are tough but I've decided to work against the odds, making sure I will have something waiting for me next summer.

tisdag 14 juli 2009

OH! Blog! Hi!

Ok, I know it is time.

In fact, I've known it has been TIME for quite a while now. My promise of keeping a Barcelona blog this summer was... Well, STUPID. You see, I spend every day in front of a computer, writing. One of the last things I want to do when coming back home in the evenings is to jump straight to my laptop, writing about what an amazing time I'm having. I know I should as I've always enjoyed bragging reflecting on my life. But no. It just won't happen.

But every now and then, like now, as I am sitting here on the balcony, having the flat to myself for once, listening to Caisa´s great music, I feel like writing SOMETHING. As if I need some kind of evidence once I'm back in Carlisle, a proof that I actually was here. That I worked, ate, slept - LIVED in Barcelona.

I'm not even a month in but already it feels like I've been here forever. But it also feels like arrived yesterday. No day is the same, even though they might look it. Work 10-16 in the weeks. Party in the weekends. Days on the beach. I'm already sick of my way to work, the street I'm walking to the beach, the road to the supermarket. But is a good sickness, the kind of sickness you only feel once you are comfortable and settled in a place.

At the same time I keep discovering new things; New streets. New beaches. New corners. New cubblestones. New horizons, but most of them within myself.

Travelling is to grow wiser.

lördag 27 juni 2009

Three best friends and the city

To have Cissi, Jess and Steve here makes the city even more beautiful and for the first time since I arrived I can relax. Being alone makes you tense in a way, but once knowing they had landed in Barcelona a much needed calm filled my body.

Now we are heading to the beach.

fredag 26 juni 2009


It's crazy how tired you get from sitting in front of a computer a whole day, I've a complete new respect for people working in an office!

It's all going pretty well and I'm soon finished for today.

Just wanted to shuffle in a little RIP Michael Jackson.

It's so weird.

But just like I told my workmate Julia - in a way it feels like he has been dead for a very long time. I never booked a ticket for any of his London concerts this summer, even though I wanted to. I was just afraid it would be too sad watching a fifty year old Michael.

Maybe it is a good thing, in a way, that we never saw him like that.

I'm happy to remember him as our King of Pop.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Connected to... Valencia?!

Time to explain into more detail what I'm actually going to be doing here in Barcelona. I didn't know myself until today - my first proper day at the Go and Connect.

Basically, Go and Connect is a company with the idea to get people connected to the city they have just moved to. Well, people who have been living here for years still read it as well as people who are just here for a weekend - there is suppose to be something for everyone in the magazines and online.

The magazines come out once a month; there is Barcelona Connect and Valencia Connect. Four people are paid full time and five of us are interns, all from different parts of the world: Italy, Portugal, US, England and me - Sweden. We are also doing completely different things for the company; advertising, administration, the web, IT etc.

I'm going to be editor's asisstent for Valencia Connect which is really cool, although slightly bizarre as I've never actually been to Valencia. My lack of Spanish will also make the research somewhat difficult but I'm determined to do a good job and make it work.

Nothing is impossible.

On a complete different note; Tomorrow is the day! Jess, Cissi and Steve arrive Barcelona around 8ish and I can't wait to see them. It's been more than a year since we last saw each other all at the same time. To have a whole week together is UNREAL. And I need it so badly.

It has been a lonely week.

But I can't complain, really.